Eight Simple Steps to a Fantastic Home Facial

Eight Simple Steps to a Fantastic Home Facial

42If you feel that your skin badly needs some deep cleansing and a little bit of reinvigorating, you can always have a facial.

Actually, in order to maintain a supple, soft and youthful-looking face and neck, you need to undergo this treatment at least once a month, especially if you are over 30.

However, not many could afford a monthly trip to a salon, spa or dermatology clinic just to have their face prepped and cleaned.

If you are one of these people who would want to have fabulous skin but do not want to pay a large sum for a facial treatment in a salon, spa or clinic, do not despair. You can actually have your treatment in the comforts of your own home.

Here is a step-by-step guide to an easy and effective home facial:

Step One: Cleanse

Any treatment that concerns the skin usually begins with getting off the grime, dirt and makeup on your skin. Thus, the first step to an effective facial is by applying a cleansing cream all over your face and neck. You must leave the product on your skin for at least two minutes to give it time to dissolve dirt, make up and oils. Then, just wipe your face with a clean cloth, cotton wool, or facial tissue.

Step Two: Exfoliate

To remove deep-seated dirt and dry skin cells, you need to moisten your skin with warm water and put on a facial scrub, particularly the ones with micro beads. Gently massage the product on your face. Just make sure that you avoid the delicate area surrounding your eyes. After a while, rinse off with tepid water.

Step Three: Steam

Place a basin of boiling water, preferably one kettleful, in front of you. Then, lean over the basin and cover your head with a towel so that the steam will directly reach your face. But do not lean too low because you do not want to burn your face in the process. Make sure that you stay in this position for about five minutes.

Hot steam will open up your pores. If you have problems with blackheads and whiteheads, you can actually try removing them by pressing affected areas with your fingers. Just make sure that your hands are clean and the areas to be squeezed are covered with strong tissue paper.

Step Four: Mask

Place a facial mask all over your face. Just follow the instructions on the back of the product that you are using. If you have oily face, it is advisable to choose an exfoliating or clay-based mask. If your skin is dry, what you need is a moisturizing mask; this will help your skin retain much-needed moisture on your face.

Step Five: Close Your Pores

When the mask feels taut and dry, you can now rinse it off completely. It is best to remove the product with warm water. Your pores tend to open up after being in contact with steam or warm water; to prevent dirt from entering your pores, you need to close them. To do this, splash your face with cool water, concentrating on the areas where your pores are quite large. Dry your skin with a soft towel.

Step Six: Tone

In order to refresh your skin and get rid of excess oil, apply a facial toner on areas that are prone to acne and other blemishes; put special attention to your nose, forehead and chin. If you have extremely dry skin, you can skip this step.

Step Seven: Treat Your Eyes

Apply a generous amount of eye cream or gel on the areas surrounding your eyes. Your eyes also need some attention whenever you are having a facial.

Step Eight: Moisturize

After the cleansing, rinsing, steaming and toning, your face is now ready to get moisturized. Thus, apply a good amount of moisturizer all over your face and neck. This is important in keeping your skin soft and supple and your complexion even. One moisturizer you can use, during your monthly facials or even during your daily beauty regimen, is Dermaxin.

The best way to cater aging impacts on the face

The best way to cater aging impacts on the face

41Looking young and having glowing skin throughout life is the desire of every person, but as change is the continuous process growing age is not an exception to it and as the age of a person grows impact of aging starts emerging on different parts of his/her body. The Interestingly impact of aging starts appearing from the face of a person in the form of wrinkles, lines, scars, loss of fat from face etc and with each passing day the problem starts getting older making a person look mature and aged with changing time. But now with the help of the latest techniques and injecting methods cosmetic surgeons have succeeded in controlling the impacts of aging. Known as Dermal fillers the process helps in improvising aging impacts by removing wrinkles, enhancing the volume of fat on the face, correcting line, redefining nose, chin, lips and jawline  by completely rejuvenating the face making it glowing and shining.

When a person feels the need of Dermal Fillers?

As the age of a person grows there is a change in his lifestyle, in his diet and various other features like his gravity to fight against environmental factors like wind, sunlight etc, resulting in loss of fat, collagen and elasticity from face. Wrinkles start appearing on the face making it look older and tired. The highly affected areas where these affect leave their impact are chin, circles below the eyes, forehead line and area around nose.

What Dermal Fillers will do for you?

Having dermal filler in Lilydale will help you in removing wrinkles completely from a depth which could not be removed even by anti-wrinkle injections. An appreciating factor of dermal fillers is that they do not leave any worst impact on face of a person and offer him/her a young look face at end. The practice of dermal filler has proved to be more effective treatment then compared to plastic surgery, leaving ever lasting impact on face of a person.

What is an appropriate age for having dermal fillers:

Although there is not determined age for having dermal fillers, but still the person falling in age from 30 years to 60 years can undergo the treatment of dermal fillers.  But before that it is necessary for him/her to have a positive approach towards the treatment. The persons above the age of 60 years, however may not be able to enjoy the desired results due to loss of elasticity of skin, but still after treatment they will be happy to enjoy healthy skin on their face making them younger than their actual age.

Process of Dermal Fillers:

It would be interested to know that the process of dermal fillers is a painless process which can be conducted within the short span of lunch time during your office hours. Interestingly, during execution of course you will not be given anesthesia and therefore you can easily go back to your home or office after treatment. Before starting your treatment small marks will be pointed by a doctor on your face to know the places where he will inject dermal fillers. After that he will clean your skin and even apply cream at the points where he will inject dermal fillers on your face.

Ayurvedic Face Pack

Ayurvedic Face Pack

35Skin appearance is the main reason for attracting people. Self confidence and self esteem are always on the high scale for people who work hard to keep up a healthy skin. All kinds of skin types whether dry, oily or combination needs that extra bit of care to look the best. The markets are flooded with different products like face creams, face washes and face packs, which are used on the face to retain its glory and charm. These facial skin products help treat the scars, blemishes and marks and make the skin shine with health and vitality.

Healthy skin shines with brightness and radiation at all times. Using face products regularly are like pampering the dull looking skin with an effective and skin rejuvenating facial. These products focus on deep cleansing of the skin and treat the epidermal layer so that the fresh younger looking skin beneath it starts to peep through. The skin is revitalized and toned up after an extensive moisturizing treatment with the help of these face packs. These packs that are made especially for the face need to be applied on the skin and left on after a while and then cleaned off. When it is washed off the skin is exfoliated and deeply cleansed to leave the fresh skin exposed to the eyes.

It’s a better choice to use ayurvedic products on the face as these products are totally safe and side effect free. They encourage the skin to glow from deep inside and also keep acne and pimples at bay. Pigmentation and marks have shown great improvement with products that have been prepared organically and which are herbal based. These medicinal herbs are carefully selected from nature and then cured and processed to make a range of face products.

Baba Ramdev has a range of products for the skin that have been prepared out of extensive study of ayurveda. Ayurvedic face packs need a special mention here as they treat the skin smoothly and deeply from deep within. Excess sebum from the sebaceous glands spoils the skin smoothness and this can be treated with application of an effective ayurvedic face pack application. Baba Ramdev’s face pack is loaded on nutrients and when it is applied on the skin the benefits are innumerable.

Freshness radiates from the skin and the herbal combination helps by seeping deep within the subcutaneous tissue so that the nutritional quotient in the skin is increased. Now your ugly dark circles, blackheads, acne and wrinkles can be bid a goodbye. The multani mitti face pack developed by Baba Ramdev makes the skin shine with health and also keeps it clear from marks, black heads, acne and blemishes because of the presence of neem and tulsi. The dead skin from the face is removed with the help of this face pack.

Divya Kanti Lep is another mixture of herbs that is applied on the skin and left on it for 15 minutes to show its magic. This helps treat the blotches and spots on the face that are a result of Acne and pimples. These can be treated by essential nutrients and extra blood supply to the face.



40The eagle is known as Laqwa in arabic. The muscles on the face of victims of facial palsy are pulled that which pulls their mouth outwards giving them a resemblance to a eagle’s face. Hence the name Laqwa in arabic. Gallen, the Greek physician who supported the humoral doctrine stated that this disease could be due to a problem with a nerve in the face.

Both the sexes are equally affected. There is a prodromal stage during which the person can feel pain on the side of the face which is going to get affected. It continues for a day or two until the palsy develops. There is a paralysis of some of the facial muscles. It becomes difficult to close the eyes and mouth on the affected side. The skin on the affected side of the forehead gets stretched and over a period of time gets harder.

Rhazes emphasised the need for immediate treatment to obtain best results. Recovery is remote if treatment is started after six months.


Aaqarqarha (Anacyclus pyrethrum,Dc) 2 gm, Zanjabeel (Zingiber officinale,Rose) 1 gm,Asl-us-soos(Glycyrrhiza glabra,Linn) 2 gm.
All the above ingredients are to be boiled in 100ml. of water until reduced to half their original quantity. This preparation is to be taken twice daily for 30 to 45 days.

Khulanjan (Alpinia galanga,Linn) 1 gm. Ustukhuddus (lavendula stoechas,Linn) 1 gm. Annisson (Pimpinella anisum,Linn)
2 gm.
They are to be similarly boiled till reduced to half the original quantity. To be taken twice daily for two months.

Zanjabeel (Zingiber officinale,Rose) 10, Lasun (garlic) (Allium sativum,Linn)15 gm, Til oil 100 ml.
All the above ingredients are to be roasted over the flame and then applied over the affected side, twice daily for six weeks..

Include You Noticed Regarding A Mini Facelift Procedure?

Include You Noticed Regarding A Mini Facelift Procedure?

36Mini facelift surgery is built to help the innovative face treatment growing old in the mid-face, decrease eye lid as well as cheek. The actual surgery enables you to re-establish face treatment steadiness this offers an overall lift up for a guitar neck reduce 3rd from the face. But a traditional facelift surgery treats all the sections of your face.

The actual mini facelift surgery is accomplished by means of a couple specific solutions decline mixed or individually: endoscopic or non-endoscopic. Endoscopic mini is suggested for many who are concerned about their decrease experience, though non-endoscopic mini is in some cases described as mini neck checklist since it is suggested for you to people who wish to develop the style of their guitar neck as well as jowl area.

Usually, inside this procedure, skin is usually put in the main tissue. Your doctor can perform on one hand with see your face during a period to clear out the actual thin S-shaped component of skin color in the face treatment area. In accordance with the degree with suffering, common sedation can be used. The actual skin is usually put and also the main muscles as well as tissues are generally tightened, transferred as well as excess fat is usually removed.

Within endoscopic process, your doctor can insert precise tools by means of compact slashes around the dealt with area. These types of tools are generally employed to eliminate the actual surplus extra fat and restore the actual face treatment muscles that create problems. The actual entire procedure is supervised by simply the surgeon having a video camera that is definitely as well loaded beneath the skin.

Within non-endoscopic procedure incisions are produced and also the skin color is usually started out to show the area to generally be treated. The procedure begins using the shot with pain relievers on the spot behind the actual ears. The surgeon bakes an incision behind the actual ear canal as well as drives the item towards hairline. Within those two solutions, the actual mini facelift involves negligible skin color slicing therefore minimizing the possibility of scarring and lots of other problems. After your doctor removes the actual undesirable drooping as well as loose skin color from problems face treatment spot, in that case he’ll almost certainly thoroughly reposition skin by simply suturing the actual incision area.

The actual period from the surgery will vary between one to two a long time, in line with the complexness of training needed to be done. The actual time to recover may also fluctuate and generally can take involving a week or two for the slight discoloration will start to completely disappear yet the entire healing period of time will depend on the surgery how and where significantly may be carried out on the face treatment area.