Remove Back Acne Scars

Remove Back Acne Scars

43Back acne, or bacne as it is more commonly known as today, is not a widely discussed topic between doctors and their patients.

Whether it is because the patient is embarrassed about the topic or because it is more difficult to get rid of than facial acne, most people who have back acne scars don’t treat the problem properly, which can lead to scarring of the back.

Back Acne Treatment

Back acne scars are not as common as facial acne scars, but they still do occur. One of the reasons they are not as common is because they are on your back, which isn’t exactly an easy location for you to pop, squeeze, or constantly pick at the acne. Also, back acne scars is more prevalent in men than women.

Back acne occurs because the pores on the back are larger and produce more oil than the pores on the face. Since the pores are larger, more skin cells tend to be produced, which can then clog up the pores, causing the acne. It can be unsightly and embarrassing. The skin on the back is much thicker and tougher than the skin on the face, therefore back acne scar treatment doesn’t always work as well.

Treatment for Back Acne Scarring

Getting a chemical peel is one of the most effective ways to remove back acne scars. It involves putting a chemical on the skin, then peeling it off. When the substance is peeled off, it also removes with it the top layer of skin and dead skin cells and leaves behind smooth skin.

Acne Laser Treatment… Another Option

Pulsed-dye laser back acne scar treatment helps to remove the redness from the scars. Another laser treatment for back acne scar removal is called fractionated laser treatment. It works with the collagen in skin and remodels the acne scars. Both of these back acne scar treatments can be very expensive.

When considering back acne scar removal, you should keep in mind how the state of your back acne is doing. If you are constantly getting plagued with back acne, considering back acne scar removal may not be the next step you need to take. Trying to control the back acne in the first place, may be where you need to start. Once that is controlled, then you can seek back acne scar treatment. Once you have gone through back acne scar removal, you won’t hesitate to prevent acne scarring in the future.

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